Some Like It Sober is a blog for people curious about sobriety, whether or not they currently drink.

If you’re trying to give up alcohol or cut back on your intake, it can be helpful to talk with other people who’ve gone through the same thing. But it’s not always easy to find those individuals, or make the time to talk regularly and get the information you need to navigate the sober life.

I remember how strange and uncomfortable this felt for me at first, not knowing who I could go to for encouragement and guidance. I worried deeply about how to survive in our alcohol-fueled culture, how to get through social events comfortably and talk about my sobriety with friends and family, how to still feel like myself and find a sense of belonging. I hope to share my experience of living without alcohol and my reflections on sobriety with people considering the same thing.

My blog is also intended for people who simply wonder what it’s like to give up alcohol. If you’re “sober curious” but aren’t sure you want to make any changes or commitments, it can feel uncomfortable to reach out and ask questions of someone who has stopped drinking – even if you know that person well. If you’re anything like me, there’s much less pressure in casually reading about someone’s experience and insights on your own time. No commitment, no awkwardness, and you can take it or leave it after the fact.

Whoever you are and whatever your background may be, I hope you enjoy reading and benefit from the information provided on Some Like It Sober!

-Dana G

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